Services are charged hourly on a 2 tier basis.

Simple clients are those with needs such as simple literacy concerns, speech or basic language support needs.

Complex clients usually are seeing more than one service, or have higher level needs such as complex communication, cleft plate or autism spectrum. These clients often require liaison with 1 or more services. Most NDIS clients will fall into the complex category.

Session fees for simple clients are $155 per hour, and for complex clients $190 per hour.

Administration such as meetings and letters will be charged at the hourly rate.

Reports are generally capped at 1 hr for simple clients and 1.5 hrs for complex clients. If your report is likely to take longer than this I will discuss costing with you first.

Therapy sessions can be 45 minutes or an hour, depending on the client capability and needs. Sessions usually include a portion of time working 1:1, and time working with the parent to enable them to take over confidently and work on their child’s needs at home. The last 5 minutes of the session is reserved for writing notes and planning for the next session. Your face to face time will be 40, or 55 minutes respectively.