Looking to join the team?

Allied Health assistant

  • Needs to have cert 3 or above in allied health assistance, or equivalent, relevant qualification
  • We are currently looking for someone wanting approx 12 hours spread over two or three days. This is likely to build up to18-24 hours a week but we can’t guarantee that at this point
  • We want someone who is happy to run groups after school hours, 2-3 days a week,  finishing at 6pm.
  • Must be interested in helping children with DLD, Autism, ADHD, working memory difficulty, alternative communication devices etc in a neuro affirming way. This means no withholding, allowing a child to create a connection with our space in a way that supports their sensory needs.  Success is built through connection.

Allied Health Practitioners

We welcome interest from all allied health practitioners.

We are ok with  flexible hours, allow extra holidays to line up with school terms a bit better, and basically try to achieve a better balance between life and work. 

Above award remuneration.